Detectable Warning Plates

CIP Detectable Warning Plates (DWPs) are manufactured in strict accordance with ASTM-48 class 35B grey cast iron.

The cast in place system is of exceptional high strength and exceeds most municipal standards.

CIP DWPs are manufactured with truncated domes with a grid texture that are in full compliance with CSA standard B651-12 and are slip resistant as per ASTM 1028.

CIP detectable warning plates are in full compliance with the Canadian accessibility codes and meet the most recent AODA compliances. CIP DWPs are the ONLY plates approved by The Road Authority.

Product Features Include:

  • Easy to install

  • Available in various sizes and radius’

  • Engineered to withstand abuse of heavy vehicle traffic such as snow plows

  • Maintenance free when properly installed

  • Can be recycled after life cycle

  • Uncoated and coated available

Lab results available upon request.

Surface mounted and wet set polymer plates (radius’ plates and/or wedges) available upon request.


10' Radius Plate


15' Radius Plate


17.5' Radius Plate


20' Radius Plate


25' Radius Plate


30' Radius Plate


35' Radius Plate


18" x 24" Plate


24" X 24" Plate


30" X 24" Plate

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